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LONGBOW CCS Series RGB Color Sorter Machine utilizes High Definition full color 5400 Pixels CCD image sensor with advanced image processing system, which can promoted processing speed and ensure the best sorting performance.

Full Color CCS Series Color Sorter Machine Features:

1.RGB camera 
RGB full color tri-chromatic CCD image acquisition system 
High camera resolution 5340 pixel identi- tying tiny defects up to 0.01 mm2 
2.LED Lamp
Most unique intelligent LED with cold shadowless light source and super long life span, high lighting efficiency
3.High Freqency Ejector
High quality ejector with 5-10 billion ejections life low air consumption 
4.Heavy Flow Chute 
Wide chute design securing high.flow capacity primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary sorting process mode design available 
5.Dust Outlet 
Accurate dust collecting position design to secure sorting room spotlessly clean keeping high identification
6.Simplified GUI 
Simplified customer-friendly GUI design highly increases the ease of operation
7.Image Processor
Strong industry-grade digitization processor,.image acquisition and processing in high speed; consistency of signal path and signal rehabllity is secured 
8.Algorithm Unit 
Excellent combination of mechanical structure and tri-chromatic control system, guarantee 99.999% accuracy and amazing·50:1 rejection rate 

Recommended Applications:

Wheat,Peanuts,Seeds,Grains,Beans and Pulses,Black sesame,Flax seeds,Cumin seeds,Onion ,Sunflower seeds,Coriander seeds,Tomato seeds

> Product Configurations

 > Feeding key part/system

Tailorized aluminum alloy chutes  


Chutes numbers


Channels/ejector numbers


Food grade material-touching part

Adjustable high-speed vibration input structure

Chutes cover protection system

Automatic input loading protection system

Input protection cover system

 > Separation key part/system

Ejection valves frequency


Ejection valves using life

〉12 billions ejections

Strengthened ejection nozzel system

Customized separation system (primary/secondary/tertiary pass optional config)

Function to remove materials like glass/desicant/plastic particles/sand clay

Applied for all variety of rice sorting

Wide application on non-rice materials

Shape size sorting system

Belly/heart/body milky sorting and seperation system 

Simultanious on yellow-white sorting and separation mode 

Tiny pale/yellow separation function

Reverse sorting function 

Orientation and target position with reverse sorting mode

Creative spillage output design

 > Optical Identification key part/system

LED super bright light source system                          


LED light using life

〉50000 hours

specially tailorized Lens

super 5400 pixel CCD sensor


Compbined full color RGB imaging system

NIR imaging system (optional)

Cominbed NIR imaging system (optional)

 > Power supply key part/system

Low voltage security certified from CE and UL           


Intelligence wave filtering system

Creative self-protection of voltage wiring process               

Power supply life of whole machine

〉5000 hours

 > Pneumatics key part/system

Precised imported pneumatic pressure adjusting system                   


Specialized oil/water filtering system

Imported air pipes and cylinder distpatching system

Automatic pressure warning system

 > Dust protection key part/system

Point-to-point air flow dust suction system                       


360 degrees air flow dust removing system

Top-grade sealing system against dust particle

Intelligence automatic cleaning system

 > Intelligence operation key part/system

Super clear LCD screen       


One-key intelligence analysis solution

Memory function

Signal Auto-tracking system

Super simple operation HMI system

Remote WIFI data supervision (optional)

APP operation system on mobile/pad (optional)

Online material flow monitoring system (optional)

Online materal quality data analysis feedback system (optional)

> Product parameters









Voltage (v)

220V/50HZ 60HZ

Pressure (mpa)


Air consumption (m3/min)                                             


Dimension (l*w*h,mm)


Packing size (l*w*h,mm)


Weight (kg)


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