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◆ Corporate Tenet
Win Customers with Honesty and Good Repute

Treat all customers with honesty and loyalty; win the trust of all friends with a good repute; adhere to the business code of “Conduct Oneself with Honesty before Doing Business”; consistently develop the company by following the principle of “Business Integrity, Treat Customers and Employees with Honesty”。
◆ Corporate Spirit
Science and technology are primary productive forces
Respect for technology, cultivate talent, emphasize specifics, improve quality; as technology always leads to revolution and progress, the company works consistently to make innovation, as part of its efforts to achieve the goals of developing and

expanding business through technological innovation.
◆ Values
Train employees; create wealth; give back to the society
Employees with both moral character and technological capability are wealth to not only the company but also the society;
Wealth is created by employees as a collective;
A company can be said having wealth and able to undertake social responsibility only by employing a pool of talents.

◆ Management Concept
Talent contribute to corporate prosperity in future; specifics play a crucial role in achieving success
Adhere to the management concept of “People-oriented”, which represents that all the management activities should center on the employee's needs and products' quality; penetrate corporate culture into all aspects of work through implementation of the management concept as means and thus display the corporate spirit in every aspect.
◆ Business Philosophy
Innovate continuously; offer long-term services
Make innovation in management, technology, products, and services; offer comprehensive, superior, timely and sincere services to make them key factors to achieving the company's goals of winning customer's trust as well as market.
◆ Service Concept
Services are available at any time
Care about customer's concerns; offer immediate services to customers. Stick to the concept of “Service is Extension of Products”, with the aim of offering reassuring service to customers.